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The Water Pitch Company appreciates your loyalty. To show our appreciation we offer customers the opportunity to join Cashback World Loyalty Rewards Program so that our loyal customers can receive benefits of cashback or points after each purchase.  

Get money back while shopping online. Cashback World makes it possible - with every purchase. Register for FREE ▶ Sign Me Up For Cash Back World

Simply shop within Cashback World Portal of Shops to receive benefits.  Whether you decide to shop at Water Pitch online or with with other Cashback World Merchant participants (over 150,000 stores worldwide) you can benefit with cashback and shopping points with every purchase.  

 Short list of participating merchants

There are no limits.  With the Cashback World Loyalty Rewards Program, you are welcomed to shop all across the world wherever there are participating merchants and receive cash back and benefits. 

It's simple, Cashback World app is very similar to other apps like Rakuten or Drop, where one basically just shops and receives cashback.  (There is no need to take photos or scan your receipts).  Simply Register for FREE and use the Cashback World App or login to Cashback World online, shop through the Cashback World portal under your membership so that your purchases will register.  The cashback of your purchases will automatically be calculated and seen in your back office immediately.   You can also chose to allow your cash back to accumulate instead so that you can purchase gift cards from participating cash back merchants.  Either way you win! 

Registration is FREE ▶ Sign Me Up For Cash Back World

Please watch the following videos to learn more. 

How to receive cash back from purchasing Water Pitch online products:

1) Registration is FREE ▶ Sign Me Up For CashBack World (after that don't forget to download the cashbackworld app)

2) Set up you banking info so that you can have the cash back deposited into your account. 

3) Login to Cashback World and search for Water Pitch.  Purchase your products online via the Cashback World portal.  You are ONLY eligible for cash back by becoming a member of Cashback World for free and purchasing from the Water Pitch website via Cashback World portal.


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