Dare to Discover Water Purity Without Limits

Water Pitch offers water filtration products to achieve healthy hydration.  Our products carry a unique combination of science & natural technology that have been tested to reduce up to 99.99% of over 300 harmful contaminants found in tap water, municipal water, bottled water, etc.  Our mission at Water Pitch is to provide the ability to create clean safe drinking water for home and anywhere on the go with filtration everyone can trust.

Get Clear on Water

Not all filtering water pitchers are able to remove the most notorious harmful contaminants from drinking water, although many claim to do so. 

Water Pitch filters are designed to remove up to 99.99% of over 300 harmful contaminants found in drinking water.  Water Pitch goes beyond to remove tough contaminants like Lead, Copper, Fluoride, Chromium-6, Arsenic, Benzene, THM's, MTBE's, Asbestos, VOCs, PFAS, Nitrates, etc. 

Note: for those not familiar with PFAS, this contaminant is better known as the "forever chemical" because it stays in the body for years.  PFAS, PFOA, PFOS chemicals are rapidly becoming one of the most harmful contaminants within the USA . PFAS, PFOA or PFOS are amongst the most difficult contaminants to remove from drinking water.  

Fact is, that even the smallest doses of PFAS, if consumed, have been known to increase the risk of developing cancer, thyroid disease, hormone abnormalities, liver and kidney failure.  

This is where Water Pitch makes a difference, for only the most sophisticated water filters can remove tough contaminants like these.  In addition, not many water filtration systems are advanced enough to remove Radiological (example: Radiation where nuclear bombing activity has occurred) contaminants like – gross beta, radon 222, alpha radium 226, uranium, plutonium, cesium 134 and cesium 137. Let's face it, in today's world simply filtering out chlorine and dissolved solids from water are no longer enough.  Without high-quality water filters, you could needlessly expose you and your loved ones to adverse health risks. Please don’t take that chance.

Water Pitch products are engineered to strike out contaminants in drinking water that pose the most adverse threats to our health. Our elaborate portable product line makes it possible for anyone to create peace of mind anywhere at home and on the go.

Our Manufacturer Blows All Others Out of the Water

Water Pitch is Powered by Seychelle Environmental Technologies -  the most trusted name in water filtration for over 20 years. 

Their filters are the most advanced and have an exclusive patented technology. 

Seychelle's proprietary Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter (IAMF) technology has been tested extensively by Independent Government laboratories within the US and throughout the world by to strict EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53”.  

Utilizing Put Tests, continuous flow tests are performed for organic, and inorganic contaminate removal. Testing laboratories run the filters with heavily spiked water for up to 200 gallons without any break-through of residual contaminates. These same filters have also been tested in over fifteen (15) different countries outside the US with unrefutably consistent results. We encourage you to begin placing your trust in premium water filters that are manufactured in ISO 14000 certified facilities and are routinely tested to meet the highest quality of industry standards. All of our bottles are BPA FREE, non-toxic, FDA tested and approved.  

Product with A Purpose

Clean water is a basic necessity for life but unfortunately it is not a reality for many within our global population. In response, many social impact organizations work tirelessly to eliminate this threat, save lives, educate and transform societies for the better with clean water. As our way of giving back is to donate a percentage of every purchase towards addressing both local and global water contamination issues. Through our giving we aim to bring awareness, educate and enable global progress towards safe drinking water. Together, we can all help provide safe drinking water effortlessly around the world.