Thermal Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle - Pearl White - Water Pitch
Thermal Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle - Pearl White - Water Pitch
Thermal Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle - Pearl White - Water Pitch
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Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle - Pearl White

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Stay hydrated the healthy way!

Powered by Seychelle Water Filtration

NSF Certified Coconut Carbon Filtration Technology removes up to 99.99% of over 200 harmful contaminants in drinking water: lead, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, chromium 6, PFAS, benzene, mercury many more.  ENHANCES Alkaline pH of water UP TO 9.5 

  • 26oz bottle provides 100 gallons of filtration (or 3 months) before replacement filter needed
  • Proven better performing filtration than leading market brands
  • Removes Over 200 harmful contaminants that are typical in tap water or municipal drinking water. 
  • Replaceable NSF Certified Coconut Carbon Filter
  • Filters as you drink. 
  • Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel
  • Keep's water cold 24hrs/hot 12hrs
  • Easy to sip water through the straw 

  • Lead-free; food grade approved materials
  • Filters made in the USA   
  • Finger loop cap

    Filtration Benefits:

    ✅ ENHANCES Alkaline pH of water UP TO 9.5 - By decreasing water micro clusters from 12 molecules down to 4-6, alkaline water is more quickly and easily absorbed. This increased hydration may help flush harmful toxins from your body more quickly. The result of this healthy mineralized water can result in: increased energy levels, improved heath, slowed aging process, and restored younger looking skin.  

    Each Water Pitch Filter Removes the Following:

    • Aesthetic Contaminants – such as bad taste, odors, cloudiness, chlorine
    • Chemical Contaminants (VOC’s) - such as PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, Benzene, Chloroforms; (THM’s)
    • Dissolved Solid Contaminants (Heavy Metals) - such as Arsenic, Aluminum, Asbestos, Chromium 6, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nitrates/Nitrites, Zinc, and up to 90% Fluoride
    • Radiological Contaminant – such as Radon 222

     Tested and Proven

     The filter has been tested in 16 countries worldwide for performance and quality.

    • Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration (IAMF) Technology
    • Put your trust in over 20 years of filter experience

    -Proven to remove up to 99.99% of inorganic and organic contaminates from everyday tap water and treated municipal water sources.  It specifically removes up to 99.99% of the following contaminants:

    -Toxic Chemicals like: trihalomethanes, PFOA, PFOS, PCB’s, DDT, glyphosate, herbicides, detergents, pesticides and benzene;

    -Inorganic Contaminants: aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, chromium 6, copper, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates & nitrites, lead and mercury;

    -Naturally increases the alkalinity of water from 7.0pH to 9.5pH without stripping away minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

    -Keeps water cold for up to 24hrs and hot for 12hrs.

    All Filters Are Made In The USA. 


    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester