Water Dove - Wholehouse Filtration
Water Dove - Wholehouse Filtration
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Water Dove - Wholehouse Filtration

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There are many alternative products and gimmicks  on the market that claim to solve the problem, but no other has the history, testing, track record, certifications or the performance of the Water Dove Salt free Softener system from Chanson Naturals.

The Water Dove almost sounds too good to be true:

  1. Completely safe for your plumbing system and all appliances.
  2. Gently cleans entire plumbing system and appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, all valves in the house etc.
  3. No electricity needed – keeps working during power outages.
  4. No wasted water-No back flushing or drain required.
  5. No monthly maintenance- No filters to replace, salt or potassium to buy or service men needed.
  6. Safe and healthy Baths and showers- huge health benefit.
  7. Scale Elimination is permanent and never needs maintenance.
  8. Filtration last up to 12 years with low replacement cost- 
  9. Removes The super toxic Chloramine which most carbons cannot!
  10. Increased effectiveness of laundry soap, shampoos and bar soaps.
  11. Reduction in chemical cleaners needed, shorten cleaning times and effort.
  12. Protects plumbing and fixtures giving big $ savings over time.
  13. Uses no Carbon!!!  Carbon media has been shown to be inferior for whole house applications. 
  14. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers nationwide
  15.  USA manufactured using NSF certified components.

Effective advanced technology and hassle-free solutions for improving your water’s quality and taste.

Hard water is the enemy of every homeowner! Not only does it create many challenges in keeping your home clean and beautiful, It is also very destructive to all your plumbing fixtures and water appliances. Traditional Salt or Potassium based  water softeners have proven to be a  bad choice. Many cities in California and other states have banned the sale of salt based water softeners.

Learn the Joys of having scale free water in your home without the slimy feeling of salted water while protecting your investment. Your homes endless water supply is one of your greatest Assets, let us perfect it for you.  Additionally, Chanson Water has a large selection of Medicinal water ionizers and under sink drinking water filters to further perfect your water. Our Filtration systems can easily provide better than bottled water quality for pennies on the dollar. 

Imagine not having to haul cases of bottled water or pay expensive delivery fees.

For Green and Health conscience homes you cant beat a Chanson filtration system.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester